OREANDA-NEWS. Around a thousand people have contracted the coronavirus in the Netherlands after attending an outdoor festival in Utrecht in early July, local Dutch News reported.

It is noted that the Verknipt festival, which took place on the first weekend of July, was attended by a total of 20 thousand people. At the same time, visitors were allowed to the event only if there was a QR code of the vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19, or if there was a negative test result for coronavirus.

To date, the Utrecht festival has become the largest contributor to the spread of the coronavirus in the country. Utrecht Mayor Sharon Dijksma also attended the festival, as evidenced by a photo she posted on Twitter on July 3.

Earlier in the Aspen Valley nightclub in the Dutch Enschede, which is located on the border with Germany, 180 people were infected with the coronavirus. Then the party was attended by about 600 people. It was the first disco after the lifting of restrictive measures.

Many festivals have also been canceled in Russia due to the coronavirus. So, a few hours before the start, the Wild Mint festival in the Tula region was canceled. The Tolstoy Theater Festival will not take place in Yasnaya Polyana either. The Samara region will not host the Grushinsky festival in its usual format. The rock festival "Fly away" was canceled in Udmurtia, in Yekaterinburg - Ural Music Night. The festivals “Usadba Jazz”, “Invasion”, Dobrofest and “Pain” are postponed to 2022. Cancellations follow in Buryatia, Khabarovsk, Novosibirsk, Kaliningrad. Only in some regions did they try to save the situation by introducing rules for attending events - according to a certificate of vaccination or the presence of antibodies. At the same time, the Tchaikovsky festival in Klin promises to be, and the festival of classical music in the Moscow region "New Jerusalem" is not canceled - both of them are patronized by the regional authorities.