OREANDA-NEWSThe number of foreigners who entered Russia for tourist purposes in the first half of 2019 amounted to 1 million 967 thousand 221 people, which is 24.97% more than in the same period last year. This is stated in the message of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia.

As noted in the association, over the first half of the year all the top entry markets have grown, including China, Germany, Israel, France, Italy, Spain, and India. The increase in tourist flow to Russia was also shown by markets that are traditionally not among the leaders: Thailand (30.7 thousand tourists, an increase of 28.46%), Japan (29.5 thousand, an increase of 54.96%), Turkey ( 23.4 thousand, an increase of 8.83%), Australia (23.3 thousand, an increase of 10.64%), Canada (18 thousand, an increase of 3.44%), the Netherlands (16.7 thousand ., an increase of 12.06%), Switzerland (13.9 thousand, an increase of 16.8%), Austria (13.7 thousand, an increase of 32%), Belgium (10.6 thousand, an increase of 19.14%), Cuba (10.5 thousand, an increase of 2.9%), Hong Kong (10.2 thousand, an increase of 11.05%).

From several Latin American countries, where tourist flow increased last year in connection with the World Cup, fell. These include Brazil (a decrease of 18.5% compared with the first half of 2018), Argentina (a decrease of 38%), Colombia (a decrease of 29.2%), Uruguay (a decrease of 27%), Bolivia (a decrease of 30.2%). Tourist flow from Mexico (an increase of 4.7%) and Chile (an increase of 15.5%) slightly increased.

According to the Association of Tour Operators of Russia, the total entry flow of foreign citizens to Russia in the first half of 2019 practically did not increase - the annual increase amounted to 0.78%, all 15.073 million citizens of foreign countries entered the country. The five leaders included Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, China, and Tajikistan. This is followed by Azerbaijan, Finland, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia and Poland. Experts note that with the exception of China, almost the entire inbound flow from these countries is non-tourist - personal visits, labor migration, visits for shopping and trade.