OREANDA-NEWS. Mail.Ru Group supported the exhibition "Man as bird. Images of journeys exhibition" is a project of the State Museum of fine arts named after A. S. Pushkin in the framework of the parallel programme of the 57th Venice Biennale. The exhibition will be held from 13 may to 5 September 2017 in Venice in the Palazzo Soranzo van Axel.

Artistic practices and technologies are increasingly becoming inseparable elements in the field of contemporary art, where the latter can act object, and the object, and independent media. It is from these different positions are suitable for art and 14 technologies presented at the exhibition of artists from different countries, exploring the theme of travel and of understanding the world and ourselves. Many of the works created specifically for the project, taking into account the specifics of the exhibition space – the old Palace of the XV century.

"The development of the Internet led to the transformation of the idea of a journey. Digital technology and the Internet allow us to travel through time and space, expanding the usual angle of view and changing the optics. Mail.Ru Group is one of the world's largest Internet companies and the project "Man as a bird. Images of journeys exhibition" at the Venice Biennale reflects our ideology: it also gives people the opportunity to explore the world, to fly, to go beyond the known", — said Deputy General Director Mail.Ru Group Dmitry Sergeev.

"Mail.Ru Group is one of the most progressive domestic companies, and we are proud that they are our partners," says Marina Loshak, Director, Pushkin Museum im. Of A. S. Pushkin.

Close cooperation Mail.Ru Group and the Pushkin Museum Pushkin began in 2016, when by the interaction of the famous Museum and one of the world's largest Internet companies born in the projects of "Building impressions. The classic and the contemporary media art" and "House of impressions. Walk with a Troubadour". In the end, the realization of a new concept of incorporating contemporary art into the traditional context took shape in a new and innovative activity of the Museum — Pushkin XXI.

Mariano Sardon in collaboration with Mariano Sigman. From memory there was a map/Drawing eyes. 2017. Mediainstance. With the support of the UNTREF (Universidad Nacional De Tres Febrero), Buenos Aires, and MUNTREF (Centro de Arte y Ciencia), Buenos Aires. Courtesy of the artist.

The exhibition "Man as bird. Images of journeys exhibition" — the first international project for the Pushkin direction XXI. He explores the questions of new discoveries at the interface of optics and art in the spheres, which are United by the human desire for knowledge of the world and defining their place in it. Throughout history people have tried to push the boundaries of the visible and find new angles, making expeditions into the far corners of the world and improving the vision. This way you can compare with the inner transformation happening to the person throughout life.


Marina Loshak, Director, Pushkin Museum im. A. S. Pushkina, Olga Shishko, head of the Department of film and media arts Pushkin Museum. A. S. Pushkin


Simon Alexander (Russia), Tatiana Akhmetgalieva (Russia), Dmitry Bulnygin (Russia), Sofia Gavrilova (Russia), Marnix de Nijs (the Netherlands) Irina Zatulovskaya (Russia), Yuri Kalendarev (Russia – Italy), David Clerb (Belgium), Martin Honert (Germany), Fabrizio Plessi (Italy), Art-group "PROVMYZA" (Russia), Mariano Sardon (Argentina), Leonid Tishkov (Russia), Masaki Fujihata (Japan).