OREANDA-NEWS Christopher Marcus, screenwriter and producer at Marvel Studios, said the Red Hulk might appear in new films from the cinematic universe. 

"This is a separate story in the comics. If William Hurt agrees to become a superhero, then he will be able to turn into a Red Hulk. Then the character has a future," said Marcus. 

Hurt played in Avengers by Thaddeus Ross a retired lieutenant general. He was responsible for the experiment, which led to the accident that turned Bruce Banner into a Hulk. The screenwriter added that he was considering the possibility of including the Red Hulk in Avengers: Endgame, but changed his mind. 

Fans on social networks have spoken out for his appearance on the Marvel Cinematic Universe: "Approve the Red Hulk for William Hurt. He will be great." This character first appeared in Marvel Comics in May 1962. He was the enemy of the green superhero, and afterwards became his ally.