OREANDA-NEWS. The beauty contest among married women "Mrs. Russian Beauty 2020" has ended in Moscow. The representative of Tyumen became the winner of this competition.

The Queen’s name is Irina Egorova. She has already taken part in several beauty contests, fashion shows, and also she starred in a French fashion magazine. The winner says that girls usually start their careers early, and the average age of models is 17-25 years. But Irina Egorova took to the podium when she was already a mother of some children.

The first beauty contest in her life happened in 2019. An unknown mother of 4 children remembered her youthful dreams and went to the podium. And she won that time. Irina got the crown and the title "Mrs. Ural Federal District", which gave her a ticket to the All-Russian competition. And there she became the best again.

Irina returned to Tyumen as a winner, and since that moment she has been getting a number of offers to take part in fashion shows abroad. Besides And she had an idea of creating her own photography course after winning.

Now Irina is going to participate in various international shows. But in spite of her success, the beauty considers family happiness to be the most important, and she dreams of having one more child.