OREANDA-NEWS Despite the fact that the court left her father as the guardian of Britney Spears, the singer is not going to surrender and intends to knock out her freedom. Moreover, the lawyer Matthew Rosengart, whose firm at one time defended the interests of such mastodons as Steven Spielberg, Sean Penn, Ben Affleck and Eddie Vedder, took on to help her in this case, writes People.

Speaking to reporters, Rosengart said he is working "aggressively" and "swiftly" to remove Britney's father, Jamie Spears, from her custody:

“First, I want to thank Britney Spears again for her courage and strength. I want to thank Judge Brenda Penny for kindly welcoming my firm and me in this endeavor. And I also want to thank Britney Spears fans and supporters. The information and support from my firm, myself and most importantly Britney is really impressive".

The lawyer is confident in the successful outcome of the case.

"My firm and I are actively and quickly filing a motion to remove Jamie Spears if he does not retire first," said a human rights activist hired by Britney Spears to strip her father of the authority over the star's estate and finances.