OREANDA-NEWSIn London, you can again see the graffiti of a street artist Banksy on the wall of one of the buildings in the Notting Hill area, according to the American media. For several months, the image was covered with scaffolding and panels for the period while Enstar Capital was engaged in the repair of the building where the picture was painted.

Banksy's work in question is a black and white portrait of a man reminiscent of the Spanish Golden Age painter Diego Velazquez. In one hand he holds a palette, and in the other, with which he writes the word Banksy in the style typical for graffiti inscriptions.

The house with a Banksy painting on the wall is located at the intersection of Aklam and Portobello Road. Graffiti appeared there back in 2008. During the repair, Enstar Capital initially wanted to move graffiti, but later abandoned this idea so as not to destroy the picture. As a result, it will remain in its original place, but now it will be covered with glass and illuminated spotlights.

The company decided to repair the building for the sale of apartments at a high cost, which was due, inter alia, to the presence of Banksy graffiti on the wall. According to the agency, the price of a one-room apartment in this house will start from £ 950 thousand ($ 1.2 million).