OREANDA-NEWS Teaser "Mulan", another game adaptation of Disney animation classics, was released on July 7. It was viewed more than 20 million times, but not everyone liked it. Trailer was criticized in China for historical inaccuracies. 

Despite the fact that the film is waiting in the country, viewers spoke out on the Weibo social network to point out the mistakes of the first video. 

Like the cartoon of 1998, the picture is based on the legend of warrior Hua Mulan. Most of all criticism was caused by the fact that Mulan lives in a mud-brick house “Tulou”. In fact, they were built a thousand years after the events taking place in the film. In addition, the heroine was from the north of China and was going to defend the northern border of the country from enemies, and "tulou" were characteristic of the southern province of Fujian. 

The premiere of "Mulan" is scheduled for March 26, 2020.