OREANDA-NEWS. Canadian singer Claire Elise Boucher, also known as Grimes, made $5.8 million in less than 20 minutes by selling a digital art collection called «WarNymph». Pop star sold the works in the form of non-interchangeable tokens (NFT) — a type of digital asset created on the blockchain, which allows you to buy ownership of goods, that exist exclusively on the Internet, such as an image, animation or video.

Ten works, including drawings and videos, that Grimes created in collaboration with her brother, digital artist Mac Boucher, went up for auction at the «Nifty Gateway» site. Some of the works Grimes sold in a single copy, others — in the tens and hundreds of copies. To buy the work, a potential buyer had to register on the «Nifty Gateway» and, for a limited time, submit an application for the lot, offering their price for the work. The winners were determined randomly. The most expensive work sold was the video «Death of the Old» with flying cherubs, which features the original Grimes song «Anhedonia». It costs almost 389 thousand dollars.

The singer plans to transfer part of the proceeds to the non-governmental organization «Carbon 180», which deals with climate issues and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.