OREANDA-NEWS. Scientists from Australia have found the world's oldest graffiti – the age of the rock art discovered in cave is about 45.5 thousand years. The graffiti was found in the south of the island of Sulawesi, reports the American channel CNN on Thursday, January 14.

Archaeologists believe that an ancient artist painted a warty pig on a stone wall. It's established, that he or she used red ochre. As noted by the scientific journal «Science Advances», the details indicate that there were three pigs and another animal, that can not be determined with certainty.

«The people, who drew the drawings in Indonesia were modern, like us. They had the capabilities and tools to draw anything», – said Maxim Ober, co-author of the report published in «Science Advances». His words are quoted by BBC News. According to CNN, experts hope to find in eastern Indonesia other samples of rock art that can relate to the time, when Homo sapiens came to Southeast Asia. Scientists believe, that this was happened 60-70 thousand years ago.

The discovery casts doubt on the assumption that the history of human artistic expression began in Europe.