OREANDA-NEWS The students from the University of Adelaide wondered why the Marvel Cinema Universe is so popular. To answer their question, they used a mathematical model that helped link the dependence of some parameters of films with the interest of viewers.

As it turned out, the secret of success lies not in the special effects and the action of the film itself, but in manipulating the producers with a large cast. As researcher Matthew Rufan noted, success is precisely in the correlation of the cast with the profitability of films. He noted that it’s not just what actors will appear in the film, but in the interaction of their characters with each other.

Rufan believes that everything is in terms of producers, first to show a number of solo films: “Iron Man”, “Captain America”, “Thor” - and then combine them in one film. After this, new characters appear, which are introduced in the narration with the help of already familiar heroes, and later an even greater unification of the heroes takes place. Thus, the events of several films lead to a massive and amazing climax. At the moment, the cumulative fees of all films of the film universe are $ 22 billion.