OREANDA-NEWS Marvel's film 'Spider-Man: Far from Home', the second week leads the Russian film distribution. 

The painting's fees amounted to 228 million rubles. In two weeks the film earned over 1 billion rubles in Russian movietheaters. In the story, Peter Parker performs the task of Nick Fury in Europe, where he goes on vacation with classmates. 

Second place in the box office went to the militant Luke Besson "Anna" with Sasha Luss in the title role. During the first weekend, the tape raised 100 million rubles. The film also starred British actors Luke Evans and Killian Murphy. 

On the third line at the box office turned out to be Josh Cooley's animated film Toy Story 4 about the adventures of Woody and his friends. Over the weekend, the cartoon raised 30.5 million rubles, and the total fees are estimated at 497.8 million rubles.