OREANDA-NEWS Sony and Disney cannot agree on the future of the popular superhero Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. None of the studios is ready to compromise and refuses to jointly produce further projects about Spider-Man.

So, the Disney studio wants to finance half the budget of solo films about Spider-Man, but at the same time receive 50% of the income from projects. The company also wants to be able to use the contract in cases where the character is featured in other pictures of the spider universe, as an example, the film "Venom".

Sony denies this opportunity and insists that the contract remains the same. The Japanese company will continue to finance films, but only solo ones, and Marvel will receive a small part of the revenue. It is clarified that Sony does not get anything from this. Disney refused, as different foreign media report.

Currently, two films about Spider-Man are in production, where Tom Holland will play the main role, as well as in two past projects.

It is not known whether the two companies will be able to find a compromise. The mention of Kevin Feigi (head of Marvel Studios) is still under consideration. Talks between Sony and Disney are ongoing.