OREANDA-NEWS One of the animators of the original cartoon "The Lion King" David Stefan criticized the game remake of the tape directed by John Favreau. The artist categorically did not like the animals that had lost their emotions and the “wooden” voice acting. 

“Ask the original "The Lion King" team, and you will hear most of them say:“ Why? Was it really necessary to do this? It hurts,” Stefan said in an interview with HuffPost. 

Among the main disadvantages of the new tape the animator called overly realistic animals that lost their emotions because of this. The situation was aggravated by the "wooden" voice acting. “A realistic picture literally unsettled me. Especially the little Simba. When he spoke, I thought how cheap it looks,” the artist said. He added that in his opinion the monkeys from the movie “Planet of the Apes” look livelier than the heroes of the new "The Lion King”. 

Two other animators from the original “The Lion King” Alexander Williams and Dave Bossert were pleased with the film by John Favreau. 

The new Disney studio picture received mixed reviews from critics, but clearly won the sympathy of the audience - in less than three weeks, the new “Lion King” raised $1 billion at the box office.