OREANDA-NEWS American film director Zack Snyder published the first frame of the zombie thriller "Army of the Dead." The picture shows a gang that will go to the quarantine zone with a huge number of zombies. 

The film tells the story that happened in Las Vegas after the invasion of the living dead. The hero of the picture, which will be played by Dave Batista, will decide to arrange a robbery of the century. In order to commit the greatest crime, he will gather a team of mercenaries, which will go into a closed area, literally teeming with zombies. Accompanied to the photo, Zack Snyder reported that he was unable to get to San Diego from Comic Con, since he was engaged in the destruction of the dead along with the gang. 

It is worth noting that Snyder will perform not only the creator, but also the producer of the new picture. The budget of this film story is 70 million dollars. The project has been under development by Warner since 2007, until it was intercepted by Netflix. The director has previously admitted that he especially likes complete freedom in working on the film.