OREANDA-NEWS The picture has long been discussed on the web. Judging by the reviews, viewers are waiting for her with impatience.

It is reported that a remake of the beloved and famous cartoon "The Lion King" will soon appear in the Russian box office. The cartoon "The Lion King" 1994 became a classic of Russian children's cinema.

John Favreau called the "Lion King" the "culmination of Disney adaptations of the classics." He admitted that he noted for himself in the original about sixty moments, which must necessarily appear in a remake.

It is noted that the new cartoon can rightfully be attributed to the drama. Nevertheless, it is the climax that the death of the Mufasa is transmitted very casually. The scene does not touch the soul as much as it did in the old cartoon.

As observers say, from a technical point of view, we face a real masterpiece. The cartoon is definitely worth a look at the cinema to understand what modern technologies are capable of.