OREANDA-NEWS The State Russian Museum is preparing to open in Qatar the first exhibition of works by Kazimir Malevich in the Arab world. The exhibition will open on March 23, said Deputy Director of the Russian Museum for scientific work Yevgeny Petrov.

"This is our first entry into the Arab world. This is a really big exhibition of Malevich, and we show him there from the earliest period to the latest, including a small number of drawings that have recently come to us. Therefore, Arab viewers will see a variety of Malevich-and his paintings, drawings and engravings made during the war in 1914. We want to show him not only a Suprematist, but an artist who has gone through different stylistic Hobbies, participated in all the events that were in Russia at that time," said Petrov.

The press service of the Russian Museum reported that the exhibition of Kazimir Malevich will feature more than 100 paintings, drawings, arts and crafts, revealing his career-from early impressionistic and futuristic works to masterpieces of Suprematism. Among the exhibits - "Red square"(1915),"Jumping red cavalry" (1928-1932), "Self-Portrait" (1933) and other works.

The exhibition also includes architect (architectural model), the costumes, created based on sketches by Malevich for the reconstructed Opera-mystery "Victory over the Sun", the death mask of the artist, taken by Nicholas Sechinym, and a cast of the hand of the painter.

The exhibition was conceived as part of the cross-cultural Year of Russia and Qatar in 2018. The Russian Museum organizes it together with the Museum of Qatar, and, as Petrov noted, the initiative belongs to the host party, which indicates an interest in the Russian avant-garde. "If this exhibition is successful, I think it will not be our last action in the Arab world," said the Deputy Director of the Russian Museum.

The Russian Museum has the largest collection of works by Malevich, which presents paintings and graphic works of the master: 101 paintings, two architectural models (architectons) and samples of applied art. In 2017, the Museum's collection received more than a hundred graphic sheets of Malevich, which were transferred to the Museum from the collection of Nina Suetina - the daughter of the artist Nikolai Suetin.