OREANDA-NEWS. American actor and musician Jared Leto called the terminally ill Russian woman Anastasia Petrova and congratulated her on her birthday.

The call was organized by the "Vera" hospice fund at the request of the girl's brother.

“I dream that Jared will find out that there is such a girl here in Russia - smart, beautiful, ambitious, loving. I dream that she will hear words of support not only from me, my mother and sisters, but also from her longtime idol and friend Jared Leto ", - he said.

The "Vera" Foundation reported that their manager for the fulfillment of desires, Olga Ebich, one by one bypassed all her acquaintances, hoping to find any contacts that would allow them to reach the artist. Some of the employees remembered that Jared Leto attended the Evening Urgant show, but it was not possible to contact them directly, then the representatives of the fund turned to the founder of Vera, Nyuta Federmesser, who managed to talk to Ivan Urgant. And what happened next - no one knows: just Jared Leto called his fan Anastasia Petrova.

Anastasia is a longtime fan of the 30 Seconds to Mars band, whose vocalist is Leto. A girl from the age of 11 has been following the artist's work. When she was 19, she stood in line for five hours to get to his concert. On the eve of Anastasia's 27th birthday, her brother Maxim told the Vera Foundation about her sister's dream to communicate with Leto. For the Russian girl the artist's call was a real surprise.

Summer, in a ten-minute conversation, told the girl about his love for Russian food and culture, inquired about the situation with the coronavirus in Russia and asked to hug his family for him. In turn, Anastasia spoke about her health and thanked for the support.