OREANDA-NEWS. According to the English-language edition of Women's Day, the famous pop singer Jennifer Lopez decided to hedge herself for the future and guarantee herself a quiet family life. Perhaps the singer doubts the loyalty of her lover, and therefore she forced her fiancé Alex Rodriguez to sign the marriage contract, which specifies the fines for his possible betrayal. And if he decides to change his beloved, it will cost him dearly, literally and figuratively.

The marriage contract drawn up by Jennifer Lopez says that if she finds out about her husband's infidelity, he will be obliged to pay her 250 thousand dollars. Because there were already precedents for this in the couple's life together - in 2019, Jennifer and Alex already had a scandal over his infidelity.

So, a year and a half ago, immediately after the official news of the engagement of Lopez and Rodriguez, it became known that Alex had a love affair with the ex-wife of his colleague Jose Conseco, who then swore that this was the truth, and publicly asked Alex in his account don't cheat on Jennifer.

At the same time, the girl with whom Alex Rodriguez cheated on his fiancee denied their relationship. However, this story ended with Jennifer forgiving her fiancé and not breaking off their engagement, saying that even though she knows the truth, she and her fiancé are happy and that she knows who Alex really is. However, the treason clause in their prenuptial agreement says that Jennifer does not trust her fiancé one hundred percent since then.