OREANDA-NEWS. Bennifer's fans rejoice with delight - even in their wildest dreams, they did not imagine that their favorites would again fall for hot hugs and kisses. Ben and Jennifer's romance is developing rapidly: back in April, Lopez announced the termination of her engagement to Alex Rodriguez, and now she is going to marry Affleck.

The stars canceled their wedding in 2003 the day before the celebration - everything turned out very dramatic and Hollywood style. Officially, the wedding fell through due to excessive pressure from the paparazzi who tracked down the couple. However, there were rumors that Jennifer had her own reasons for this, which now obviously do not matter.

“Jennifer takes the initiative and Ben is totally in favor. Ideally, she would like it to happen this year, but it all depends on the available venues and the schedule of her dignitaries,” said one of the lovers' buddies.

J.Lo does look happy despite the conspiracy theory suspicions.

"Formally, the new relationship may be only a few weeks, but in fact they continue their romance from where they left off many years ago," sources close to the singer confirmed. Moreover, there were rumors that Ben had already asked for Jennifer's hand and heart again. Last month, the lovers spent a vacation together at a ski resort in Montana, where the betrothal allegedly took place.

However, the cherished ring on Lopez's ring finger is still missing, but it seems not for long. On July 24, the star will celebrate her 52nd birthday: fans are sure that on this very day Ben will propose to her again. Only this time, fans hope, she will say "yes" and still reach the altar with her "main ex."