OREANDA-NEWS. The eldest daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt from the age of three refused to respond to her own name. Shiloh insisted that her name was actually John and that she was a boy. Star parents did not interfere with the daughter's strange quirk. Shiloh wore short, boyish haircuts, baggy shorts and hiding sweaters and T-shirts, and was not too different from her brothers. And this despite the fact that the girl inherited the attractive appearance of her parents and will eventually grow up to be a real beauty. It was even rumored that Angelina allowed her to undergo gender reassignment surgery over time. But now this procedure is in question. It looks like Shiloh changed her mind about becoming a man. In the latest photos, the 14-year-old looks much more feminine.

Paparazzi watched for Angelina and her children when the star family went to an African clothing store. The actress, along with her daughters Shiloh and Zakhara, enthusiastically wandered around the boutique, looking at colorful clothes and exotic jewelry.

But the main attention of photographers riveted Shiloh. Recently, the girl has grown noticeably and turned into a pretty long-legged girl. Shiloh gave up the eternal short haircut and grew her hair. Before visiting the store, she gathered her long curls into a bun and secured them at the back of her head. Because of this, her face began to look more pretty and girlishly soft. In addition, Shiloh has her ears pierced, and now they are wearing a pair of dainty gold hoop earrings. She still adheres to the unisex style of clothing, but instead of wide breeches she now wears shorter denim shorts that resemble a miniskirt.

Fans of the actress always pay attention to how her daughters dress. Of these, only one, the receptionist Zakhara, loves dresses and invariably chooses feminine outfits. Biological daughters Jolie and Pitt prefer boys' clothes. Following the older Shiloh, her younger sister, 12-year-old Vivienne, also began to wear shorts and T-shirts.