OREANDA-NEWS Easter in Orthodox Greece is celebrated on May 2 this year. The Resurrection of Christ in Greece this year will take place two hours earlier - at 22.00 local time. This information is reported by the Katimerini newspaper.

The time has been postponed in order to make the Resurrection in churches with the participation of people in open spaces, without requiring a significant extension of the hours during which movement is allowed. Now in Greece, due to the situation with coronavirus infection, there is a curfew, according to which the movement of citizens is prohibited from 9 pm to 5 am.

The Synod also proposes, in a letter to the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, to increase the maximum number of people inside churches for Easter, to allow believers to be in the squares of churches in order to prevent crowds of people.

Before Holy Week, the curfew will be reduced, services will begin earlier, and Christ is Risen will sound earlier.