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25.12.2020, 15:37
The electronic library of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Tatarstan was replenished with 180 copies of books published before 1913. This was reported by the press service of the DUM RT.
25.12.2020, 12:55
The network found out the official release date of the New Year's short film entitled «Cheburashka. The secret of the holiday». The film industry «Soyuzmultfilm» announced that the cartoon will premiere on December 31.
Germany Will Return to Russia 3 Thousand Icons Confiscated at the Border
25.09.2020, 10:40

This issue is being resolved through the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

The Heaviest Neutron Star Can Be The Lightest Black Hole In Virgo Collaboration
08.07.2020, 21:12
Unknown space object was a star once, eaten by a massive black hole
A Painting by Raphael Provoked a Scandal in Italy
26.02.2020, 12:32

The scientific committee of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence resigned in protest against the decision to send “The Portrait of Pope Leo X with Two Cardinals” to an exhibition in Rome.

Zarif Calls Cultural Terrorism Trump's Threats to Attack UNESCO Sites in Iran
27.01.2020, 11:14
This fact, as stated by the Iranian Foreign Minister, is a continuation of Washington’s policy of violating international law
Paris Authorities Have Announced the Possible Start Date for Reconstruction of Notre Dame
29.11.2019, 11:49
Restoration of the cathedral is expected no earlier than at the end of 2020, said French Minister of Culture Frank Riester
Orthodoxy Assembly to Discuss Church Schism in Ukraine
14.11.2019, 12:37
Also on the agenda of the meeting of the parliamentary assembly of Orthodoxy in Athens is the Georgian incident
UNESCO-Listed Castle Caught Fire in Japan
04.11.2019, 12:02
In Japan, a fire occurred in a village with objects of traditional Gassho Zukuri architecture
Ancient Egyptian Coffin Returned to Egypt
26.09.2019, 19:18

Historical value - the gilded sarcophagus of the priest was returned home.

Underground Archaeological Museum will Open in the Kremlin
03.09.2019, 20:06
An underground archaeological complex will be created in the Kremlin on the basis of the remains of the foundation of the temple of the Miracle of Michael the Archangel.
In Russia will Create a Catalog of Traditions and Rites of Nationalities
27.08.2019, 20:15
The state Russian House of national creativity to them. V. D. Polenov (GRANT) has resumed work on compiling an electronic catalog of intangible cultural heritage of the peoples of Russia, which was launched in 2010.
Stable Yard in St. Petersburg Recognized as a Monument
22.08.2019, 21:46
The main building of the Konyushenny Dvor on Millionnaya Street, together with a servant's house on the embankment of the Moika River, was included in the unified state register as an object of cultural heritage of regional significance. 


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