OREANDA-NEWSThe Russian Minister of Culture didn't call for collecting money to restore the Cathedral of Notre Dame or transfer budget funds to Paris to the detriment of Russian cultural heritage sites, the department assured.

“Yesterday and today, in a number of media outlets, comments were sent with“ righteous anger ”to the Minister of Culture about raising funds for the restoration of Our Lady of Paris Cathedral. promised to transfer budgetary funds to Paris to the detriment of our own cultural heritage sites, "said Deputy Minister of Culture Alla Manilova on Thursday at the ministry.

"We were, we remain and always will be a people able to empathize. And thousands of our people, among whom are employees of the Ministry of Culture, want to help rebuild the Cathedral of Notre Dame. But there’s no choice - Kirov - “No one divides the money of citizens and does not regulate the impulse of the soul,” the deputy minister added. She said that the Ministry of Culture will send "the best, stellar experts in the field of restoration and heritage conservation at the first request of French colleagues."

As a result of the fire that began in Notre Dame on April 15 in the evening and lasted several hours, the cathedral’s spire collapsed and the roof partially collapsed. The senior priest of Notre Dame, Patrick Chauvet, said that the cathedral could close for six years for restoration, for which they have already raised about 900 million euros of donations.

Notre Dame de Paris, or Notre Dame de Paris, is located in the center of Paris and is a symbol of the French capital, as well as one of the most famous monuments in the world. Every year it is visited by 14 million people. Notre Dame de Paris is featured in many literary and artistic works, the most famous of which is the eponymous novel by Victor Hugo.