OREANDA-NEWSThe fire in the Cathedral of Notre Dame has been eliminated. This was reported on Tuesday by the newspaper Le Figaro, citing firefighters. "The fire is extinguished, we will continue to monitor the residual fires and cool the hot parts of [the building], including the frame, and at the same time make sure that the fire does not reappear," the message indicated.

At the same time, the newspaper Le Parisien, also referring to firefighters, informs that the fire is only "partially liquidated". Ignition in the Cathedral of Notre Dame originated at approximately 6:50 pm (7:50 pm Moscow time) on Monday. As a result of the fire, the upper part of the spire, the clocks of the cathedral and most of the roof collapsed. According to preliminary data, repair, apparently, led to the fire at the upper levels of the cathedral.

Paris Prosecutor Remi Heitz said that it is too early to talk about the cause of the fire in the Cathedral of Notre Dame, the Parisien newspaper reported, citing the words of the prosecutor. The newspaper, citing the French Interior Ministry also reported that data on victims of a fire in Notre Dame, Paris, is currently not available. The largest fire in Notre Dame Cathedral began on Monday evening. The spire of the cathedral collapsed, the bearing structure enveloped in flame. In place of emergency came the president and prime minister of France. About 400 firefighters mobilized to extinguish the fire.

According to French media reports, the fire may be associated with restoration work, part of the cathedral was closed by forests. French media also wrote that the degree of destruction suggests that Notre Dame Cathedral is “lost to France and the world as a historical, cultural and religious object.” Recall that the fire alarm system in Notre Dame de Paris triggered around 6:30 pm local time, after which the cathedral was evacuated.