The second part includes eight episodes. The first part of the fifth season of "Lucifer" ended with the angel brothers starting a fight. Lucifer and Michael, as well as Amenadiel, clashed in the fight. To end the battle of his sons, God descends to earth.

In the new series, judging by the trailer, God will reunite the brothers, but not for long.
After the father announces his desire to retire, Michael and Lucifer will fight again, but for the right to take the place of God. Allies of the heroes will be people, other angels and demons.

In the relationship between detective Chloe Decker and Lucifer, some questions will arise again. In one of the episodes of the trailer, the devil confesses to the detective that he would lie to her if he confessed his love.

The show "Lucifer" tells about how the devil left hell to live on earth. After meeting people and working with the detective, he begins to change and analyze his relationship with his father.

The series will be finished with a sixth season, which has already been filmed, and is slated for release later this year.