OREANDA-NEWS  Many viewers might have thought that the upcoming sequel to the cult TV series "Sex and the City" - And Just Like That - would only have three heroines after Kim Cattrall quit filming. 

While fans of the series happily watched as Chris Noth appeared on the set of “Sex and the City”, a new heroine came to replace Samantha. The famous trio of Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Christine Davis was joined by 50-year-old actress Nicole Ari Parker.

Sarah Jessica Parker on Instagram has shared some new photos from the set. In the photo, the star posed with her colleagues Christine Davis and Cynthia Nixon, and a new girl joined them.

Nicole Ari Parker will play the fourth girlfriend in the series - Lisa Todd Wexler, a mother of three children and a documentary filmmaker. Whether the new actress will succeed in replacing the beloved Samantha is still too early to predict but the four female lead roles look a lot of fun together.

The exact date of the premiere of the sequel to "Sex and the City" has not yet been announced. The series is expected to consist of ten new episodes, each 30 minutes long.