OREANDA-NEWS. Winner of “Miss Moscow 2018” Alesia Semerenko is stripped of her title and crown due to non-observance of the terms of the contract. This happened for the first time in the history of the contest since 1996, Russian media says, quoting Tatyana Andreeva, director of the competition.

24-year-old model Alesia Semerenko, who won the title of "Miss Moscow" last year, was stripped of it, as well as the crown, due to non-observance of the terms of the contract. According to the rules of the competition, the title "Miss Moscow-2018" and the crown will be transferred to the “First Vice-Miss Moscow” Ksenia Palenova.

Director of the show "Miss Moscow" Tatyana Andreeva, without hiding her disappointment, told why the beauty queen was stripped of the title. “The winner of the competition is to participate in various events during the year, most of them are charity projects. And three months after the competition, she has not come to even one. It is impossible to reach her by phone, she is always unavailable. And if we reach her, she is always sick, always unwell. At the same time she is leading an active social life in Instagram.”

“She showed such indifference, that is the limit”, the director of the show said. “During the preparation for the competition, she was hardly attending rehearsals or studying, the choreographer was shocked. And we have been thinking a lot, to expel or not to expel her before the final. The girl was beautiful and she has not been kicked out. And the jury chose her. Beautiful, that is there. But it is important that something else should be there along with beauty. And when a girl does not give a damn for anything, except for beauty, it becomes annoying. We have barely managed to take her crown away. Now it is broken and has to be repaired. The crown is expensive, silver with gilding and semiprecious stones.”

Earlier, Alesia Semerenko, after winning the show, decided to fight with the stereotype that beauty and intelligence are incompatible things.

 “There are stereotypical judgments about us, like, we are stupid dolls, incapable of anything but walking on the catwalks. Well, ok - challenge accepted. I will try to destroy the stereotype. I don’t worry about myself, but I want to defend the honor of the beautiful half of the mankind,” she said.

Immediately after winning the show, Alesia, having forgotten her obligations, flew off to the Maldives, which she had long dreamed of. In the status of the beauty queen she was gladly giving interviews. Now she is refusing to communicate with the media.