OREANDA-NEWS. Kat Zingano, a 39-year-old female fighter, is suing actress Halle Berry. According to the athlete, the star of "Cloud Atlas" and "Catwoman" offered her a role in his film "Bruised". For the sake of filming, Zingano turned down an important fight in the UFC (the world's largest organization in the field of MMA). After that, the contract with her was terminated, and she did not wait for the coveted role.

Variety reports that Zingano met the actress in July 2019. A week later, the athlete received an offer to take part in a fight in the UFC, which could affect her career.

At the same time, Berry told her that due to problems with insurance, she would not be able to go into the octagon and act in films. Zingano had to make difficult choices, and she decided to try herself as an actress.

After Kat informed the UFC that she was refusing to participate in the fight, her contract was terminated. Two weeks later, Zingano learned that she had also lost the role for which she had sacrificed so much. As it turned out, only UFC fighters could star in the film. The actress stopped communicating with the athlete and actually left her to fend for herself. Representatives of the "Bond girl" have not yet commented on the situation.

Halle Berry's directorial debut, Bruised, is due out on Netflix in November.