OREANDA-NEWS. American musician Moby remixed his hit «Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?» and made an animated video for it. The video was published on the musician's YouTube channel.

Moby through the image of the drawn hero tried to speculate in the new video on the topic of the destructive influence of man on the planet. Both the coronavirus pandemic and the animals affected by the actions of humanity are represented here. The conclusion, however, turned out to be optimistic: with the help of a «magic» eraser that erases all the «bad», the drawn hero managed to save the world. It is noteworthy that in real life such an eraser does not exist. Probably, this is a reference to the idea of Moby, indicated in the title of the song — that's why «the heart hurts so much».

In the comments, users praise the work: «I couldn't hold back my tears. It's so sad and so beautiful! Bravo, Moby!», «A very strong and truthful video», «The planet is not a garbage dump. Let's appreciate it today».

At the time of publication, Moby's clip has gained more than 83 thousand views on Youtube.