OREANDA-NEWS. Netflix has found new sources of inspiration: the American streaming service will make a film based on the popular story from Reddit with Blake Lively in the title role. It will be a psychological thriller, «Deadline» reports.

A month ago, Markus Cleaver published a story on the website «We Used to Live Here». In the story, a suspicious family looks in on the housewife. Once she lived in the house of the main character, and now asks to go to her to remember the old days. The uninvited guests decided to stay late when the snow storm began. The hostess can only regret that she even let the family into the house.

Recall that this is not the first time that Netflix has acquired the rights to film a story from Reddit. Last year, the streaming service acquired the horror film «My Wife and I Bought a Ranch» by screenwriter Matt Querey.

Earlier it was reported that the Soviet and Russian underground actor, artist/psychic Sergey Pakhomov, known by the nickname Pakhom, appreciated the prospects of the film «The Green Elephant» in Hollywood. He does not rule out that the West will want to reshoot the underground Russian film of 1999.