OREANDA-NEWS. Former member of the British music group The Beatles Paul McCartney called John Lennon the culprit of the band's breakup. He stated this in an interview with BBC Radio 4, which has not yet been released, reports The Guardian.

According to McCartney, the public opinion that he was the initiator of the breakup of the group is wrong. It was Lennon who, after one of the musicians' quarrels, decided that The Beatles would not be able to resolve internal disagreements, the artist said.

“I didn’t start this collapse. It was our Johnny, ”McCartney said. He assured that he himself wanted to continue performing in the band.

“Johnny once just walked into the room and announced that he was leaving The Beatles,” the musician recalled.

He added that the life of a musical group could last for a much longer period. “The whole point was that John was busy with his new life with Yoko (Yoko Ono - Japanese avant-garde artist, Lennon's widow). John always wanted to shake off the shackles of society. He was raised by his aunt Mimi, a rather tough woman, so he always longed for freedom afterwards, ”McCartney explained.

In 2020, Paul McCartney announced that The Beatles had broken up as a result of a "family quarrel."

The Beatles was founded in 1960 in Liverpool. Lennon, McCartney, as well as George Harrison and Ringo Starr played in the main line-up of the group. The quartet became one of the most commercially successful bands in history. Six of the 14 official albums of The Beatles have become "diamond" - that is, sold over 10 million copies each. The team broke up in 1970. Lennon was killed on December 8, 1980 near his home in New York.