OREANDA-NEWS. Popular American hip-hop musician Amir Thompson, known as Questlove, came to the Oscars wearing holes made of rubber with a dusting of precious metal. This non-standard outfit is reported by the Daily Star.

The rubber shoes the performer was wearing were clogs with holes for decorative badges from the well-known American brand Crocs. Thus, the 50-year-old artist entered the red carpet in a black shirt and trouser suit, as well as the aforementioned "Crocs" covered with 24-carat gold.

The fashion for the iconic holey sandals appeared in September 2020. The footwear has become very popular thanks to celebrities. For example, Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber and rapper Post Malone have repeatedly appeared in public in the Crocs brand clogs.

Two years earlier, shoes from the joint collection of Crocs and Balenciaga were sold out in a few hours, despite the price of 850 dollars (54 thousand rubles). Later, the high platform sandals made of synthetic material with colorful clip-on badges made the list of the strangest things of 2018, finishing in fourth place.

In addition, The Roots drummer Amir Khalib Thompson has posted a playlist of songs he played at the Academy Awards, which can be listened to the track on Spotify.

The playlist, which, as expected, is a lot of hip-hop, soul and funk, includes 144 songs. Gang Starr, Herbie Hancock, Isaac Hayes and James Brown can be found here. Drake, The Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar are among the contemporary artists in the Questlove DJ set.