OREANDA-NEWS. Despite moving to the United States and abandoning all royal titles, the Duke of Sussex plans to return all his titles and titles.

Prince Harry believes that after ten years in the British Army, he deserves to retain the right to carry the honorary titles - Captain General of the Royal Marines, Honorary Air Force Commander of the RAF Honington, and Commander-in-Chief of Small Ships and Submarines.

By the way, the title of Captain-General in 2020 passed to the Duke's aunt Princess Anne. Experts say that, most likely, the prince will be denied this intention, since he voluntarily renounced all royal privileges and moved to another country.

Queen Elizabeth has clearly stated her position that the duke will not be able to lead a double life. The prince must either remain in Britain and be a British subject, or give up all of his titles altogether.

The decision to retain the ranks will be announced in March this year, according to the British edition of The Daily Telegraph.

Earlier it became known that Meghan Markle will not accompany her husband in a future visit to his homeland. According to an anonymous source, this decision was made due to the cool relationship between the royal family and Meghan.