OREANDA-NEWS. Hollywood is gearing up to announce the worst films of the year. All of them were included in the list of nominees for the Golden Raspberry-2021, which is a dubious achievement for all representatives of the book industry.

The list of nominees for the Golden Raspberry 2021 was announced on March 12, and movie fans will find out the names of the winners of the infamous Hollywood Award on April 24. In a joking manner, the list of applicants for the award was announced in a video that was presented on the network.

365 Days and Dr. Dolittle's Amazing Journey were nominated for the Razzies Award for Worst Film of the Year, while actors Robert Downey Jr. and Adam Sandler were nominated for Worst Actor of the Year.

The Golden Raspberry Awards are awarded in nine categories for acting, directing, screenwriting, remake and "worst" picture of the year.

According to the nominations announced on the YouTube channel of the award, this year's films "Fantasy Island", "Music" and "Absolute Proof" are also presented for the title of "Worst Film of the Year" in the film season.

Among the nominees for the worst acting performance this year for the "Golden Raspberry" claim - in addition to Downey Jr. ("The Amazing Journey of Dr. Dolittle") and Sandler ("Hubie's Halloween") - Michele Morrone ("365 Days"), Mike Lindell ( "Absolute Proof") and David Spade ("Wrong Girl").

Anne Hathaway ("The Last Thing He Wanted"), Katie Holmes ("Doll 2: Brahms"), Kate Hudson ("Music"), Lauren Lapkus ("Wrong girl "), Anna Maria Siklutska (365 days).