OREANDA-NEWS The film Avengers: Endgame collected 2.7 billion dollars in the world box office, which is a huge success not only for Disney and Marvel, but also a victory for the performer of Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. According to Forbes, the actor will receive $ 75 million for his work on the film. 

Downey Jr. received an pledge of $ 20 million, which is 5 million more than his colleagues Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johansson. But a huge income actor provides an additional transaction, according to which he receives 8% of the net profit of the film. At the moment it is 700 million dollars. That is, Downey Jr. will receive 55 million and 75 million in total. 

The performers of small roles like Bradley Cooper can claim 1% of the net profit of the film. For Cooper, this means about $ 7 million in additional revenue. If the studio makes a separate film about a character, the actor can get a larger percentage of the profits. 

In 2020, the screens will release a new project of Downey - the family comedy “The Journey of Dr. Dolittle”.