OREANDA-NEWS. «Roskomnadzor» sent a letter to the management of Google LLC demanding to remove all restrictions from the documentary film «RZHEV. 500 Days on Fire», imposed by the video hosting service YouTube under the pretext of having content in it, that is «unacceptable to some users».

Video recording «RZHEV. 500 Days on Fire» is posted on the official channel of the Russian media «BelRos» on the video hosting YouTube, the press service of the «Roskomnadzor» added.

The letter notes, that such actions of the Google administration violate the key principles of free dissemination of information, unhindered access to it and are an act of censorship against the Russian media. This information appeared on the official website of «Roskomnadzor» on Tuesday, March 16.

Earlier reported, that «Roskomnadzor» sent a letter to Facebook Inc. demanding to remove all restrictions from the account of the Russian TV channel «Crimea 24» in Instagram. The administration of the social network accused the TV channel of «cheating likes». In three years, 30 thousand people subscribed to the YouTube channel, the number of views exceeded 10 million.