OREANDA-NEWS. The performer and the song, who will represent Russia at Eurovision 2021, will be chosen on Monday as a result of a national audience vote.

"The artist and song, who will represent Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest in May 2021 in Rotterdam, will be selected on March 8 through a national audience vote in a special holiday show, which will air live on Channel One," the press release of Channel One said.

Yuri Aksyuta, chief producer of music and entertainment programs on Channel One, said that there are two equivalent ways to choose Eurovision participants.

“Firstly, the broadcaster can find it on its own, as, for example, the Dutch TV channel chose Duncan Lawrence, who became the winner of the competition in 2019. Secondly, the broadcaster can organize a national selection, where the artist and the song are chosen by the jury and / or the audience. an example is the Swedish “Melodifestivalen.” In recent years, we have usually resorted to the first method, but this year we still want the audience to have the last word, who will be presented with compositions that meet the Eurovision requirements, ”explained Aksyuta.

Earlier, the media reported that a shortlist for Eurovision was formed, which included group # 2mashi, Anton Belyaev (Therr Maitz), Alisher Morgenstern, Yegor Creed and Danil Prytkov (Niletto), however, the press service of Channel One left this issue without comment.

The Eurovision Song Contest, canceled last year due to the pandemic, will be held May 18-22 at the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam with the participation of artists from 41 countries. The organizers announced that the competition will be held offline, but the composition of the delegations, as well as the number of journalists, will be reduced; the decision on the public's presence at the show has not yet been made.

In 2020, Russia was supposed to be represented by the Little Big group with the song UNO, the video for which became the most popular video on the Eurovision channel in Youtube in the whole history.