OREANDA-NEWS The first national Institute of gastronomy will create in Russia, it will be the sixth such institution in the world, told Chairman of the Association of cultural and gastronomic tourism of Russia Irina Klimkina.

"Our goal is to create the country's largest "Think tank", which will collect and study the history and current state of Russian gastronomy, regional specialties, " Klimkina said.

According to this information, the initiative to create a research center was supported by representatives of 12 Russian universities. The Russian Institute of gastronomy will be the 6th in the world after institutions in Spain, France, Italy, Turkey and Indonesia. For the establishment of the Institute was formed a working group which included representatives of Russian universities.

Klimkina stressed that the key tasks of the Institute will be the international positioning of Russian gastronomy through the prism of culture, religion, traditions and customs of the peoples of Russia, promotion and popularization of gastronomic brands abroad. "We are confident that this will allow us to successfully realize the tourism potential of our country in the future, especially in the field of gastrotourism - still quite new, but dynamically developing niche. In addition, the Institute will develop educational standards for the training of professional personnel, which is so necessary for the industry today", - said klimkina.

Earlier, co-Chairman of the public organization "Business Russia" and the organizing Committee of the Yalta international economic forum (YIEF) Andrey Nazarov in an interview with RIA Novosti reported that the direction of "gastronomic tourism" anniversary YIEF, which will be held in April, plan to come actor Gerard Depardieu and Director Emir Kusturica .