OREANDA-NEWS. Russian actor Mikhail Efremov, who was convicted of a fatal road accident, asked for forgiveness from lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky, who represented the interests of the injured party at the trials in this case. Efremov wrote a letter from the places of detention, to which the lawyer replied.

The first defender of the artist at the court was now deprived of his legal status Elman Pashayev. Efremov belives, that the reason that the court sentenced him to eight years in prison is behavior of Pashayev. After the accident, the actor published a video with a guilty plea, but at the court session – as he later said, under the influence of Pashayev – unexpectedly refused to admit guilt. He also behaved aggressively towards the victims and their defense.

«I am an adult and conscious person and I should not have behaved in this way towards a procedural opponent. I am very ashamed of my behavior. I offer you my sincere apologies. I hope for your understanding and kindness. Do not hold a grudge against me», Efremov wrote to Dobrovinsky. The text of the letter is quoted by «Channel Five».

The lawyer in the response letter expressed respect to the artist in connection with the fact, that he was able to admit his mistakes. However, according to Dobrovinsky, if Efremov had behaved differently at the court, the outcome of the case could have been different.

Mikhail Efremov was involved in an accident in the center of Moscow last summer — he was driving drunk when his car flew at high speed into the oncoming lane and rammed a courier vehicle standing at a traffic light. The driver of the car, Sergei Zakharov, was seriously injured and died in hospital the same night. The court sentenced Yefremov to 8 years in prison, later the sentence was commuted, and the term was reduced to 7.5 years.