OREANDA-NEWS. In Krasnoyarsk, the police filed a complaint against the artist Maria Hasanova in connection with her Easter performance with the participation of a man in the role of Jesus Christ. The statement «about insulting the feelings of believers» was submitted by the Krasnoyarsk blogger, journalist Daniil Rad (Rubinovich), the media «Prospekt Mira» reports on Monday, May 3.

Gasanova and a resident of Krasnoyarsk, Yevgeny Osipov, whose face was covered with a special make-up that enhances the resemblance to Christ, held a rally on the embankment of the Yenisei River on the day of Orthodox Easter. In an interview with the Krasnoyarsk edition «NGS24» the artist said, that Osipov is the pastor of a local Protestant church. On Instagram, Hasanova wrote, that she «has long been bursting with this idea», «but all the city sites refused, as the topic is «delicate» and no one wants to take responsibility for the ongoing resurrection of Jesus».

Rad told «NGS24», that he was «warped» when he saw the photos from the action. «So anyone can put on white clothes and parody the Lord? Imitating walking on water and so on».

«This is a campaign «hype for hype's sake», some kind of mockery, especially on a bright holiday, which for many believers is more important than the New Year. They also need to be respected and think about the fact, that it may distort them», the blogger believes.