OREANDA-NEWS. Singer Manizha, who represented Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, called on artists to be accountable to the audience. So she commented to REN-TV on the information that the lead singer of the Italian group Måneskin allegedly used drugs on the air.

Manizha explained: "I do not support. It seems to me that it is wrong to use. Especially when you do it in public."

Manizha noted that the Italian musicians have a lot of teenage fans, whom they set a different example.

"In my work, I understand what example I set," the artist added.

Earlier, David Damiano, frontman of the winning Italian group Måneskin at Eurovision 2021, was suspected of using drugs. The scandal erupted due to the fact that the musician leaned towards the table during a live broadcast.

The audience noticed that in the footage taken during the performances of singers from other countries, Damiano was suspiciously bent over the table. Some have suggested that he may have taken cocaine in this way.

He himself later explained that he reached for the floor to collect the fragments from the broken glass. The EBU confirmed that they found glass under the table of the Italian delegation. Damiano and the other band members decided to take a drug test upon arriving home to dispel all doubts.