OREANDA-NEWS. The Russians attacked the American actor Benn Affleck on his Instagram account. They write enjoyable comments, trying to ease the artist's pain from parting with his girlfriend, actress Ana de Armas.

Onle during the past day, under the last post of Ben Affleck, a number of comments with words of love, support and recognizing of the actor's talent were left. Russian girls wrote the following comments: “Ben, everything will work out! It's all for the best, "Cheer up, Ben," "Ben, you're the best." The actor was also proposed to “forget Ana” and come to Russia to “eat borscht” and watch his film about Batman together.

The artist was also offered to come to Russia and try to find himself a new girlfriend there: “Ben, why are you so? Okay, don't be upset, come to Russia for a walk, we will find a bride. "

Earlier it became known that the couple, Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas, decided to break up after a whole year of relationship. It was clear that it was 32-year-old Ana Armas who was the initiator of breaking up with the Affleck. It was also unofficially stated that the actor was not upset about what happened.

The artists met while working together on the movie Deep Waters, and soon began dating in March 2020. 48-year-old Affleck managed to meet Armas with his children. The couple hasn't been seen together since November last year.

In the past, the actor was engaged to singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, but they never got married. Since 2005 he has been married to actress Jennifer Garner. The couple have three children - 14-year-old Violet, 11-year-old Seraphina and 7-year-old Samuel. They announced a divorce in 2015, the separation was officially formalized only in 2018.