OREANDA-NEWS. American actress of Mexican origin Salma Hayek in an interview with the portal «Variety» complained about discrimination in Hollywood. At the beginning of her career, she was faced with the stereotypical thinking of filmmakers — she was offered roles only as «prostitutes and maids», hinting at her roots.

«If you were born on the right side of the border, perhaps you would have become the greatest star in the world. But no matter how beautiful you are, how good you are as an actress, the minute you open your mouth, the audience will remember their maids», the actress complained.

Hayek admitted, that she failed at the casting for the fantastic action movie «The Matrix». According to the star, she claimed the role of Trinity. Hayek added, that stunt directors from Asia were invited to the casting. The actress admired the form of another contender for the role of Trinity — Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Earlier, American actress Scarlett Johansson, who is actively promoting the blockbuster «Black Widow» based on Marvel comics, said goodbye to one of her most famous roles — spy Natasha Romanoff.

The star admitted, that she will miss the image, and the Marvel cinematic universe as a whole. The upcoming action movie will be the final work for Johansson in the image of a former Soviet killer. The artist has been reincarnated as an assassin since 2010, when she played her «Iron Man 2».