OREANDA-NEWS   The temperature record was recorded in Montoro in Cordovia which is located in the southern region of Andalusia - where the thermometer showed + 47 ° C. So far, this has not surpassed the record set in the same city in July 2017. At the same time, the general record of the heat in Europe was set in 1977, when it was above 48 degrees in Athens. 

Tourists and locals in southern Spanish provinces such as Granada, where temperature has risen to 45 degrees, are not particularly at risk of leaving the air-conditioned rooms, there is a brisk trade in ice cream parlors, and restaurants are installing additional sprayers to cool guests. Dominique Roye, a climate scientist at the University of Santiago de Compostela, said the hot air from the Sahara Desert, which brought heat days and caused hundreds of wildfires in Mediterranean countries, has no sign that it will end soon.

The World Meteorological Organization said temperatures in the Mediterranean region go well beyond the typical hot and dry August weather, and are instead "extreme as to be expected from climate change". The Spain's State Meteorological Agency noted that 24 heat waves have been recorded over the past decade, double the number in the previous three decades.

In Italy, it is still a little cooler - there, in Rome, Florence and Bologna, the thermometer has exceeded only 37 degrees but the Ministry of Health has already declared a red level of danger. Decorative fountains are again "in a risk zone" - the authorities have to guard them so that they don't get there to freshen up. The drinking fountains are surrounded by people.