OREANDA-NEWS  Saint Petersburg is defined as the most "soulful" and "good". This is according to research conducted by accommodation booking Tvil.ru to the world day of kindness. It is celebrated today, November 13.

Experts conducted a survey among tourists, where, in their opinion, live the kindest people in the country. 32% of respondents voted for St. Petersburg. They believe that in the city on the Neva live "the most polite and friendly" owners of housing, which is rented.

Second place — in Krasnodar, the responsiveness of its residents noted 17% of respondents. The third place was taken simultaneously by Sevastopol, Kazan and Petrozavodsk. Each of them scored 10% of the vote. The ten good cities also included Yalta, Sochi, Yekaterinburg, Kaliningrad and Moscow, said the TV channel "78".

World Kindness Day (world day of kindness) is celebrated every year on November 13. It is intended to emphasize the importance of good deeds. The survey was conducted on social networks.

Another survey conducted by this date showed that over the past year, Russians have become more likely to give goods for nothing.

In October, the analytical Agency "Turstat" made a rating of the most popular places for mystical tourism (trips to places where you can meet spirits and ghosts) in Russia. The most terrible attraction, according to tourists, was Cape Fiolent in the Crimea.

The date for World Kindness Day was chosen in 1998. The question of the establishment of such a holiday was raised at the first conference in Tokyo, organized By the movement of kindness of international importance. A unique feature of this event is that it was held with the participation of representatives of many countries: Singapore, Japan, USA, Canada, UK, Thailand, Australia. Somewhat later, the ranks of World Kindness Movement were joined by volunteers from other countries.