OREANDA-NEWS. The wax museum of the great-grandson of the famous Madame Tussauds Louis in Texas has removed the figure of former US President Donald Trump from the exhibition, as visitors regularly beat it.

Clay Stewart, the manager of «Ripley Entertainment», which owns the Louis Tussauds Museum in San Antonio, told the «San Antonio Express-News», that the wax figure of Trump was scratched, beaten and damaged so much, that it was decided to remove it from the exhibition. «When it's a high-profile political figure, attacks can be a problem», Stewart said. Due to restrictions related to COVID-19, there were not enough artists to restore the Trump wax figure, he said.

Stewart noted, that actively spoiling the figure began in the summer of 2020 – in the midst of the presidential race. It was moved to the lobby, where it could be monitored by cashiers, but this did not stop some visitors. «Now the figure is in storage, and it probably will not be returned to the exhibition until the museum receives a wax figure of the new US President Joe Biden», Stewart said.

«We've always had problems with the presidential section, and it doesn't matter what kind of president it was: George Bush, Barack Obama or Donald Trump. There are people who beat them. Obama's ears were torn off six times. Bush (Jr.) was hit on the nose», said an employee of «Ripley Entertainment».