OREANDA-NEWS. The action movie «Kill Bill 3» will probably be the last directorial work of Quentin Tarantino before retiring. This was told by the master himself to the comedian Joe Rogan during a podcast available on the Spotify platform.

Tarantino hinted at the continuation of two films with Uma Thurman in the title role back in 2019. Now I remember in June 2021. «It would be interesting to see how the Bride and her daughter B. B. live after 20 years, and how they would go on the run. The very idea that they can be played by Uma Thurman and her daughter Maya Hawke is damn exciting», said Tarantino.

According to the director, in the triquel, the daughter of the heroine Vivica A. Fox wants to take revenge on the Bride for the death of her mother. However, in previous interviews, Tarantino hinted at the continuation of «Mad Dogs» as the final work and added that he is still writing a second book and is going to return to the cinema soon.

The first film «Kill Bill» was released in 2003. The second one was in 2004. The paintings, traditionally for Tarantino's creations, are divided into chapters, sometimes not connected chronologically. Starring Uma Thurman (The Bride), David Carradine (Bill), Michael Madsen (Budd), Lucy Liu (O-Ren) and others.