OREANDA-NEWS. The Chinese named the five most delicious Russian products and explained why they are worth trying. He shared his opinion on the merits of Russian food on the Sohu portal.

First of all, he noted the advantages of Russian canned fish. The user believes that they differ significantly from the Chinese ones. In particular, he likes their delicate taste and the mouthwatering smell of the liquid in which the fish pieces are immersed.

Secondly, the Chinese noted the quality and taste of Russian sausage. He stressed that in Russia it is made from pure meat without the addition of starch. In addition, he believes that Russian sausage is an excellent snack for alcoholic beverages.

The Chinese also mentioned Russian sweets. He admitted that the most delicious thing that he managed to taste from Russian pastries is biscuit waffles with honey filling. These waffles, in his opinion, are very thin and crunchy. In addition, he believes that Russian honey is the best in the world.

In the fifth place, according to the Chinese author, are Russian sweets. The Chinese was surprised at their size and variety.

At the end of his post, the author asked his readers not to think that he is worshiping foreignism. He sincerely considers Russian food to be delicious. Moreover, in his opinion, its price matches the quality.