OREANDA-NEWS The heirs of Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and Prince William, will hold negotiations during which the fate of the British monarchy will be decided. This information is reported by the Daily Mail.

The main issue that will be discussed in the negotiations is who will take over the duties of Princes Philip, Harry and Andrew, who participated in hundreds of events every year. Now it will have to be done by other members of the royal family, primarily the youngest son of Elizabeth II, Prince Edward and his wife. Another possibility under consideration is to reduce the number of organizations that enjoy the patronage of the royal family.

Prince Charles is in favor of limiting the number of senior members of the royal family. Even before the death of Prince Philip, he proposed to include only Elizabeth II, her husband, himself, his wife Camilla and the sons of William and Harry with their wives. In this case, the other children and grandchildren of the Queen will be relieved of their duties.

Senior members of the royal family are primarily concerned with engaging in events and charities. According to The Times, in 2019, Prince Charles hosted 521 events, Princess Anne 506, Prince Edward 308, Prince Andrew 274, Prince William 220, and Prince Harry 201.

Prince Charles is the Queen's eldest son and will inherit the British throne after her. In addition to him, Elizabeth II has three more children: Princess Anne, Prince Edward and Prince Andrew, who stepped down in 2019 due to charges of raping underage girls. The second in line to the British throne is taken by Charles' son Prince William. His younger brother Prince Harry stepped down as a senior member of the royal family in 2020 and moved to the United States.